Self Store Centre’s and their use has grown exponentially in the last decade or so. So useful for temporary storage when moving house or building a dream home. Perfect when moving a business or simply an indication we all have too much stuff, they offer an ideal solution to our storage needs – or do they?

In the same way as storing something in a damp garage, shed, barn or basement at home, Self Store Centres are not known for controlling the air quality. Dust is pervasive and moisture sensitive items can easily be ruined in storage. Damp air causes oxidisation. Metal items rust or dull, organic items like wood and fabrics can suffer mould and mildew

This can be stopped completely and simply at low cost by storing all moisture sensitive items in a Self Store Vac Bag*. Big enough to store sprung super king hotel mattresses, 3 piece suites, large works of art, flat screen tv’s in fact anything that could be damaged by airborne dampness and dirt.
*Several will be required for the entire contents of a house – ask for details

Each Vac Bag kit comes with a powerful desiccant called Drisorb which soaks up moisture inside the sealed Vac Bag. A Moisture Indicator is included so you can keep a check on the moisture levels. Vac Bag kits are reusable* for up to 10 years or 5 years when used outside and exposed to direct sunlight.
*A new Drisorb sack will be required for each new period of storage

Antiques, paintings, sofa’s, mattresses, TV’s, computers and other IT equipment, bulk books and documents, renovated vehicle components, excess commercial stock, in fact anything you need to store and want to protect from damage by damp and dirt will emerge from storage in a Vac Bag smelling fresh and free of mould, irrespective of how damp the air in the garage, shed, barn or self store centre have been and how long items have been in storage!

  • Simple to Use
  • Perfect for use at home, at work or in a Self Store Centre
  • No power required
  • Incredibly cost effective

IMPORTANT NOTE! Self Store Vac Bag are designed to store large items with fixed dimensions. For example Sprung Mattresses, Furniture, Engines, Body Panels. They are NOT designed as a space saving device to hold an item in compression i.e foam mattress

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