Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VAC-BAG®?
A VAC-BAG® is a large industrial strength UV stabilised polythene cover.  Polymers in the plastic helps the plastic bind on itself to create the seal in much the same way as cling film works but less grippy.
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What can I use a VAC-BAG® for?
The VAC-BAG® was designed for long and short term storage but is NOT DESIGNED TO HOLD SOFT ITEMS IN COMPRESSION AND IS NOT A SPACE SAVING DEVICE.  By placing any item(s) you desire inside the bag, you are protecting it from the outside elements, and in doing so, create a vapour barrier around it, which keeps damp and dust out, so corrosion cannot take hold.
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What can I store in a VAC-BAG® ?
VAC-BAG® has an unlimited amount of storage uses. Here are just a few suggestions:

Antiques, Artwork, Barbecues, Beds, Blankets, Boating Equipment, Books, Caravan and Camping Equipment, Clothes, Diving Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Engines, Equestrian Equipment, Fishing Tackle, Gardening Equipment, Golf Clubs, Jet Ski’s, Lawn Mowers, Leisure Furniture, Machinery, Mattresses, Medical Equipment, Motorcycles, Outboard Motors, Prams, Sales Stock, Scooters, Tools, Toys, Wet Bikes.
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Do you manufacture different sizes?
We manufacture two sizes of VAC-BAG® :
Jumbo Packs  – 3.65m x 2.4m (12′ x 8′).
Standard Packs – 3.0m x 2.4m (10′ x 8′).

Should you require a different size VAC-BAG® to our standard stock sizes, please contact us, stating the size and quantity.
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How much do they cost?
Jumbo Packs – £49.50
Standard Packs – £46.00
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What do I get for my money?
One VAC-BAG®, one moisture absorbing Drisorb sack, one humidity indicator, one sealing strap and easy instructions.
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How long does a VAC-BAG® last?
VAC-BAG® are reusable and are rated for 10 years use if care is taken.  For items stored outside where the bag is exposed to UV radiation from the sun, we reduce the life expectancy of the VAC-BAG® to 5 years so they make a very cost effective Dry Storage Solution.  Should you accidentally puncture the bag then a piece of duct tape inside and outside of the tear will repair it.
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How do I choose the correct size Self Store or Caravan & Camping VAC-BAG®?
IMPORTANT NOTE – A VAC-BAG IS NOT DESIGNED TO HOLD SOFT ITEMS IN COMPRESSION AND IS NOT A SPACE SAVING DEVICE!     The maximum combined height plus width of an item to be stored cannot be more than 2400mm (8ft) or 1200mm (4ft) high x 1200mm (4ft) wide for both Jumbo or Standard VAC-BAG®.  Therefore a Welsh Dresser that is 1800mm (6ft) tall and 500mm (18in) at its widest point has a combined height and width of 2300mm (7ft 6in) and will comfortably fit in a Jumbo or Standard VAC-BAG®.

To establish which size (length) of VAC-BAG® to select, the height plus the length of the object to be stored cannot exceed the length of the VAC-BAG® which for a Jumbo is 3600mm (12ft) and a Standard 3000mm (10ft).  Therefore our 1800mm (6ft) tall Welsh Dresser would just about fit into a Jumbo VAC-BAG® if it is 1800mm (6ft) wide*, similarly a 1200,mm (4ft) wide dresser would just about fit into a Standard  VAC-BAG® and a 900mm (3ft) wide easily fit into a Standard VAC-BAG®.

*At the extreme size limits of the bag it is perfectable acceptable to tape the bag up rather than use the reusable seal. 

How do I choose the correct size VAC-BAG® for my motorbike?
The standard bag is 3m(10ft)long and 2.4m (8ft) wide and fits most bikes. The rule of thumb guide is bikes under 1000cc need a STANDARD VAC-BAG®, while bikes over 1000cc require a JUMBO VAC-BAG® which measures 3.6m by 2.4m. Even a Honda Goldwing will go in a JUMBO VAC-BAG®.
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Will a VAC-BAG® fit over a sidecar?
Many bikes with a sidecar will go in a JUMBO as well as some three-wheelers.
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Should I clean the item before storage?
The item must be clean and dry when it is put away, it is no use washing it just before storage, therefore the item must be allowed to dry naturally. It is not necessary to spray bikes and other machinery with WD40 or oil, just have them in their polished state.
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How long does a Drisorb sack last?
Drisorb sacks will absorb about 1/4 pint of moisture, in practice this equates to at least a years use. They can be dried out but they need 140ºc of dry heat for 8 hours. We sell them for £7.00 each so it is not worth drying them. To make postage reasonable we supply in quantities of three for £20.00. These have a long shelf life and will comfortably last up to 5 years in their protective sleeve.
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Are the Humidity indicators reusable?
Humidity indicators are reversible so can be used over again, only if they get soaking wet are they ruined.
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Is the Strap that comes with the VAC-BAG® releasable?
The Strap is releasable and can be used again.
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What should I do when storing something that contains fuel?
When preparing an item for storage e.g., a motor bike, it is a good idea to drain the petrol tan as petrol loses its volatility after a few months and it will also tend to gum up the fuel system.

It is also a good idea to change the engine oil prior to storage as used oil becomes acidic and can corrode internal engine parts. Ideally the item should be serviced before layup and not after.
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What should I do about inflated tyres?
Tyres should be inflated slightly above their normal pressure to ensure there is no pressure bulge where the tyre touches the floor.
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What if the item in question requires a battery during storage?
Batteries should be taken off the item and charged periodically. If an alarm is required then there are two ways of providing the power – run battery extension leads out of the bag to your power source, or leave the battery on the bike and connect to a battery charger that is outside the bag. If this system is adopted you must ensure that the charger does not gas the battery.
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How should I use a VAC-BAG® if the object is to be chained or clamped?
If the object is to be chained or clamped down, then you need to lay the bag over the security device and carefully slit the bag so the device protrudes into the bag, then seal round it with a silicone sealer such as bath sealant. This is quite acceptable and will ensure a good seal. As most security devices only delay the professional thief – the use of a VAC-BAG® delays them even longer.
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What about the shipping cost?
UK deliveries vary according to weight and postcode. All shipping costs are calculated before checkout. Please contact us for a quotation if you live outside of the UK.
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How do I place an order?
There are 3 stages to placing an order:

Stage 1
Go to our online Vac Bag ordering page and select a category from the menu.
Then choose the VAC-BAG® type and size you require and click the “BUY” – this will take you to your “Shopping Basket”.
Check the items in your Shopping Basket and alter the quantity if required. Then click the “Check Out” button.

Stage 2
Type in your contact details and delivery address. At this stage the shipping cost will be calculated. If you are happy to proceed then click “Confirm Order”.

Stage 3
This will automatically send us an email that to process your order. We aim to process your order as quickly as possible, usually within one working day.
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