Protection in winter storage of show winning concours Classic motorcycles – where the Vac Bag story started more than three decades ago.

Now also developed to accommodate the largest modern full dress tourers and adventure bikes, storing a bike in a Vac Bag puts it in its own micro climate and stops oxidisation. Rust cannot form, aluminium castings don’t go grey and dull.

Each Vac Bag kit comes with a powerful desiccant called Drisorb which soaks up moisture inside the sealed Vac Bag. A Moisture Indicator is included so you can keep a check on the moisture levels. Vac Bag kits are reusable* for up to 10 years or 5 years when used outside and exposed to direct sunlight.
*A new Drisorb sack will be required for each new period of storage

Saves hours of wasted time and costs of repairing or replacing rusted and seized components. The average total cost of 10 years protection from using a Vac Bag is only approx £100! or £10 per year!
(Cost of a Vac Bag kit plus 9 more Drisorb Sacks – 1 per year for 10 years.)

Whatever condition you put the bike away in is the exact condition the bike will emerge from storage in a Vac Bag, irrespective of how damp and dusty the garage, barn or shed may be and how long it’s been in storage!

  • Simple to Use
  • Keeps your bike in tip top condition
  • No power required
  • Incredibly cost effective and Space Efficient 

Don’t take our word for it, this is what our customers say:

After many disappointments buying products, it’s heartening to find one that really works‘ J.Sandys

I would like to recommend a product I used last winter with great success. It is called a VAC BAG….When the bike is removed weeks or months later it will be in the same condition as placed in the bag. No rust, no dull alloy etc. In other words “MAGIC” ‘- Bob West

I think your product is excellent, my motorbike emerged this spring (kept in a shed) like a butterfly out of a cocoon‘ – Simon Hilton

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